4 Surprising Benefits of Barcodes


4 Surprising Benefits of Barcodes

Barcodes are ubiquitous in most inventory management and warehouse systems. You probably know firsthand how much easier it is to take inventory now that you have barcodes in place. But these four benefits of barcodes often surprise even the most experienced warehouse managers.

Four Surprising (and Profitable) Benefits of Barcodes

  1. Reduces human error:  Barcodes significantly reduce the impact of human error on inventory management. Scanning a barcodes leaves little room for error, while typing or writing down a stock list opens up myriad opportunities for mistakes. Pepperdine University reports that human errors account for up to 29 percent of data losses. With barcodes, you virtually eliminate the potential for human error made while inputting data.
  2. Lower overhead: Barcodes provide such accurate inventory data that eventually, you may be able to reduce inventory levels. As just-in-time ordering improves, inventory levels can be further reduced. This may decrease the amount of inventory you keep in storage, thus reducing the amount of storage space you need. Better inventory control through barcodes leads to lower overhead costs.
  3. Reduces employee training time: It can take hours to train employees on complicated inventory control systems. It takes minutes to train employees to swipe and scan a code. This reduced training time leads to faster on boarding for new employees and improved productivity.
  4. Better data:  Barcodes provide both inventory and pricing information almost instantaneously to your system with one swipe. This accurate, real-time data, when integrated with accounting and sales data, can give you a better, more accurate picture of your company’s profitability and opportunities.  Better data can lead to better decision making.

The humble barcode takes seconds to make and costs only pennies, but it can truly revolutionize supply chain management and warehouse issues. By reducing mistakes, improving data, and potentially lowering costs, barcodes can make your business more profitable and efficient.

Barcodes are just one part of the supply chain management system. To learn more about warehouse management systems, contact BAASS Business Solutions today. We design systems that meet your unique business requirements and offer solutions for warehouse management and other business needs. Call us at 866-260-5302.
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