Clever Ways to Use Your HRIS System’s Self-Service Function


An HRIS system offers many time-saving features. One of these features is the self-service function. HR professionals often think of the self-service portal as just a better way for employees to update their addresses, telephone numbers, and other data. But there are different ways of using the HRIS system that can help everyone in your company do their jobs better.

These ideas for using HRIS self-service functions might raise an eyebrow or two at your cleverness.  Sure, your HRIS system can handle mundane and routine tasks. It can also be a way to help everyone do a better job.

Three Clever Ideas for Using Self-Service HRIS Portals
  1. Skill share: Everyone at your organization brings specific skills and talents to their job, but they may not get a chance to use all of them every day. Set up a special place on your HRMS system where employees can check off the skills they possess. When you need someone with a specific skillset, you can find them on the HRIS.
  2. Knowledge bank: Another spin on this idea is to allow employees to find others in the company with the specific knowledge that they can tap into for a project. A big technology firm may need someone who understands the world of banking to critique new software being developed for a bank. By looking in the knowledge bank, they can find someone at their company who has worked in the banking sector before. This enables them to tap into the network of experience within your company to improve their products.
  3. Parlez-vous francais? As companies increasingly go global, the need for translation has never been greater. While computer translation programs offer some benefit, only a skilled speaker can translate the nuances of language effectively. Listing languages spoken in the HRIS system enables your employees to find someone who can help them translate or understand documentation in another language. You can use the system to find native speakers of various languages where your company does business so that you do not need to reach out to external vendors for help but can turn to the talent within for assistance.
Data Privacy and Confidentiality

Because you are collecting information beyond the scope of the normal employee relationship, it’s a good idea to make participation in such knowledge banks and skill banks completely optional. Create a sound data privacy and confidentiality policy and make sure you have safeguards in place on your HRIS system to maintain people’s privacy at all times.

An HRIS system’s self-service portal is often viewed as the prosaic part of the system, something that all systems have but isn’t a very exciting feature. It’s really all in how you look at things - and how you use them. The self-service portal can be the gateway to improvement within your company with a few creative applications of its functions.

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