Building a Brighter Future Using Sage ERP 300 (Accpac) Consulting Services

By BAASS Consultant | May 1, 2014 12:00:00 AM

Setting up new accounting and business management software is no simple feat. The entire process can be a daunting one if you do not have a clear and concise idea of exactly what software your business needs and how you plan to implement it. When considering Sage ERP 300 (formerly Accpac) it is highly recommended you choose a firm that offers support through the entire process; from purchase to implementation and beyond. The team at BAASS Business Solutions can help you get the most out of your Sage ERP 300 software; in turn, increasing the efficiency of your most essential business processes.

Top Reasons to Go with the Pros at BAASS Business Solutions

  • Design & Planning: This is the first step to laying the ground work for your new software. This can include a multitude of goal orientated ideas which can help you decide what software is best. Sage ERP 300 offers a wide variety of customization features including Abra payroll, employee self service, and inventory management. A Sage Consultant can help you determine what features will work best and how they can increase productivity, staff up-time, and promote better customer information management.
  • Implementation & Training: Implementing Sage ERP 300 should be a strategically planned event. In order for each portion of implementation to kick off without a hitch, your consultant can help you plan and organize each feature. For example, training staff for use in essential processes should begin right away. As each aspect becomes fully functional, staff will have been trained and ready to begin using Sage features as soon as the program is up and running.
  • After the Launch: After the launch of Sage has commenced, your consultant should continue providing services to help complete the transition. In addition, if strategies or services must be changed or upgraded, your consultant can accommodate these changes and help staff adapt.
  • Continued Maintenance: Your consultant will be there every step of the way to offer support before and long after the switch to Sage ERP 300 is complete. Your consultant will periodically analyze usage information and staff feedback to ensure your current version of Sage ERP 300 increases business process performance.

At BAASS Business Solutions, we are dedicated to helping your business get the most out of your solution - whether you call it Accpac or Sage ERP 300 software. Please contact us for more information on our foundation-building consulting services. 

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