14 Ways Sage 300 Customers Reduce Canadian Merchant Account Fees


14 Ways Sage 300 Customers Reduce Canadian Merchant Account Fees

The Canadian government is very motivated to build up business in Canada.  They offer start-ups and many small businesses programs to help companies reduce costs and invest in future growth. There is one hidden cost to doing business in Canada that many small and mid-sized businesses find as a surprise when processing credit card transactions.  

There are many back-end costs and fees that make managing cash flow less profitable when using credit cards. NAPS is here to help.  We help Sage 300 customers and those running on different ERP platforms, reduce the fees associated with using a Canadian merchant account.  In this article, we outline the top 14 benefits of our NAPS Canadian Merchant Account to help you reduce fees and save time when   processing credit card transactions.

We invite Sage 300 Customers in Canada to look at your last credit card statement and check out your fees.  We are offering a FREE Merchant Account

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Sage 300 Customers Reduce Canadian Merchant Account Fees – Saving Time and Money! 

  1. Convenient 24-hour access to payment processing and reporting
  2. Automated recurring billing
  3. Improved cash flow
  4. Fraud detection and prevention (volume thresholds, risk parameters)
  5. Reduce invoicing costs
  6. No additional licensing fees
  7. Virtual Terminals (no integration needed, no software to install, simply use your web browser to securely log in to process transactions)
  8. Credit card tokenization for secure access to future customer transactions
  9. Real-time Payment Gateway
  10. Level 3 supported gateway for US accounts, (significant savings for business to government or business to business transactions)
  11. Batch processing when real time approvals are not required
  12. 100% PCI-DSS compliant at no additional cost
  13. Some of the lowest Amex fees in the entire industry!
  14. Next Day Funding including AMEX making reconciliation process easier

Let us help you with a Canadian Merchant Account solution that will reduce your fees and streamline the process so you continue to make it easier for your customers to do business with you.

Have you heard the news?  Sage sold Sage Payment Solutions on June 2, 2017. The buyer, GTCR LLC, is a Chicago-based firm specializing in driving growth through acquisitions. While GTCR is likely to change Sage Payment Solutions once they take control, it’s still unclear how this change will impact Sage customers.

Call American Payment Solutions at 888-685-1900 or email Patty Benitez to learn how to cut costs and benefit from the American Payment Solutions APSPAYS Virtual Terminal, and streamlined credit card processing integrated service.



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Another version of this article was posted on APS' Blog on August 22, 2017 by Patty Benitez - Canadian Merchant Account: How to Improve Cash Flow  


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