4 Reasons CRM is Right For You



Customer Relationship Management is a tool everyone in an company can use, and I mean everyone. Below are just some of the reasons CRM is being implemented in many organizations:

  1. Complete Customization                                                                                                                                                Not only can you decide how you want your organization’s CRM to look and respond, each individual user can choose their own preferences. Some of the options won’t relate to everyone so they can “hide” that information. Need an example? Your Accounts payable team may not need to know the client’s latest tweets, but your marketing team will. Mary in Marketing is sending out an invitation to a customer about an upcoming webinar, she sees this customer recently moved and can personalize this email and ask if they are enjoying their new work space.
  2. Transparent Communication 

    You can create and send emails from CRM or just file them from your regular email. Need to know the information on an invoice sent to the customer? No need to ask the finance department; just look at the customer’s information in CRM. We know you are busy and this is a great tool to save you and your co-workers time.

  3. Sales Force Automation                                                                                                                                               CRM allows for easy access and management of all your customer’s historical account details, activities and opportunities. Leads can be distributed to different sales professionals. Want to know what stage your opportunities are at? Use CRM’s Dashboard, point and click and you have a graph with all that information.
  4. Safe and Efficient Data Storage                                                                                                                             When you need to know historical information about a customer where do you go, the filing cabinet, storage? All of that information can be SAFELY kept in CRM. Put down the labels and files, instead drag and drop that invoice into CRM and it will record who imported it and when. Did I mention CRM can be accessed anywhere in the world? Your sales team in London, England can access and use this tool the same way you can in Vancouver, Canada.

These are just four reasons Customer Relationship Management can improve your Organization’s efficiency, communication, sales, marketing and many more. 

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