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Strike a rich vein of opportunity with these tools for Sage 300 ERP (Formerly Accpac) & increase effectiveness in your mining company.

Yesterday we held a seminar for our clients in the mining industry to show them how to achieve the maximum value from their Sage ERP system.

Having worked with many clients in the mining industry over the last twenty one years we have come to understand their needs and have realized that Sage 300 ERP is a powerful solution that meets those needs very well.

I wanted to sum up what we covered yesterday so that others in the mining industry can benefit from the information shared as well as learn why Plus is the perfect match for all of your ERP software requirements.

We shared four different solutions that have proved valuable for customers in the mining sector, which were:

1.)    Financial Reporter in Sage 300 ERP (formerly Accpac)

2.)    Inter-Entity Transactions by Orchid Systems

3.)    Purchasing Workflow by Pacific Technology Solutions

4.)    Sage KnowledgeSync by VineyardSoft

Financial Reporter
One of our expert consultants, Chathu Amarasinghe took over the meeting at this point and bravely performed a live demo of the capabilities inside the Financial Reporter in Sage 300. He showed three reports that we have customized for our mining clients which included an Exploration Report, A Production Statistics Report and a Multi-Level Element Cost Report - see graphic below. He was able to show how to pull the data from the GL into a clear and informative report in about two minutes or less.

These reports can take people days if not weeks to create if done manually in excel. Imagine how much time this could save you!

Inter-Entity Transactions
The next topic Chathu covered was how our clients could save time and eliminate due to/due from manual journal entries with Inter Entity Transactions by Orchid Systems. Inter Entity Transactions facilitates doing business and transferring funds between entities. This is particularly useful for the mining industry as we often see multiple companies related to the one mine - whether in exploration or production status. 
Entities can include branches, divisions, departments, funds, projects, trusts or multiple companies held within one or across Sage 300 databases. We were able to show via a live demo how Inter Entity Transactions saves time, increases the accuracy of your financial data, streamlines business processes and provides tight control over transactions spanning multiple entities.

Purchasing Workflow
After many approving head nods, Chathu moved on to demo the Purchasing Workflow from Pacific Technology Solutions. This product eliminates the manual process of requesting approval for purchase orders. It sends a notification in real time to the required people requesting approval and once approved it sends an email notification to the relevant parties, as well as creating the order with the supplier. This is extremely helpful in the mining industry where orders for gas or equipment can be required immediately but approval can take some time where email boxes fill up quickly.

The last product we showed was a relatively new one called Sage KnowledgeSync. Unfortunately due to time restrictions we could only scratch the surface of the powerful capabilities of this great product created by a South African company by the name of VineyardSoft. It essentially acts as the smoke detector for your business. It sends alerts when anything of relevant significance happens within your business. With this product you can;

  • Set up triggers for events and conditions that require urgent notification.
  • Notify anyone you choose—including personnel from finance, sales, service, 
    manufacturing, and more.
  • Dynamically analyze data between multiple business functions and take the 
    right action quickly.
  • Receive alerts by email, fax, pager, text message, Twitter, and more.
  • Generate forms, invoices, and dunning notices in a single click.
  • Go beyond the basic alert functionality built into Sage ERP 300.

All of these products add significant value to your current Sage ERP system and can be added and customized with ease upon request.

We were very happy with the turn out at the event and were proud to have been able to provide this platform for mining professionals to learn how to more effectively use their software, save time and see better results. It is this kind of service that Plus prides itself in and makes us stand out from the competition.

For more info on any of the products mentioned here, or to discuss your software requirements with a BAASS representative please contact us.

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