Considering a Transition to Cloud Computing?


Ever considered moving to the Cloud? Not sure what 'The Cloud' is? The following is a very simple definition. There are currently three deployment models for cloud computing known collectively as the Software Process Improvement or SPI.

  • SaaS: Software as a Service are software applications accessible through a web browser and managed by a vendor remotely. They are typically rented and customers pay a monthly fee, as opposed to purchased licenses like on-premise solutions.
  • PaaS: Platform as a Service is the availability of providing programming tools so developers can create solutions without the headache of managing the underlying infrastructure.
  • IaaS: Infrastructure as a Service is the availability of computing resources like processing power, storage, and other network components.

More and more small and midsized businesses opt for on-demand software because of the affordability, security, and convenience. But that doesn’t automatically mean on-demand is right for your business. We can help you assess your needs, understand your options, then make the choice that best suits your budget, internal resources, and business model. We’ll even help you bring your on-demand software on site at a later date—or vice versa.

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