Crystal Reporting - "Spell Money" Function


Crystal Reporting Spell Money Function

I ran into an issue during an upgrade where all cheques on all machines printed fine with the exception of the client’s terminal server. The issue was that the terminal server was printing cheques without spelling out the dollar value, everything else was fine.

For example, a cheque for $100 should have “One Hundred Dollars” spelled out on it. Where “One Hundred Dollars” should have been there was nothing, it skipped over that part and was left blank.  

Sage 300 ERP (Accpac) uses a number of Crystal Report files during cheque printing.

Two of these are u2lcapw.dll and u2lchks.dll.

They are installed to C:\Program Files\Common Files\Business Objects\3.0\bin (or something similar depending on the version of Sage 300 ERP (Accpac) you are running). One of these files carries out the ‘spell money’ function that works with Sage 300 ERP (Accpac).

After trying multiple things, here are the steps I took to resolve the issue:

  1. I searched the entire C drive for u2lcapw.dll and u2lchks.dll. They showed in a variety of different locations including C:\Windows\Crystal, C:\Windows\System32.
  2. I renamed the 2 files in each location by adding new extensions to the end of the files. I like to use today’s date as the file extension, for example u2lchks.dll  would become u2lchks.dll.20131115
  3. I reran Accpac setup and service packs
  4. I tested
  5. Success!

I think this issue was caused by conflicting versions of these files. Renaming all these files on the computer and reinstalling Sage 300 ERP (Accpac) did the trick!

Please Note: This was a Windows Server 2003 x86 machine that did not have Crystal Report writer installed.


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