Embrace Change with BAASS: Navigating Year End with CDCP's New T4/T4A Boxes


Exciting times lie ahead as we dive into the changes brought by the Canadian Dental Care Plan (CDCP). BAASS Business Solutions is here to guide you through the transformation and ensure a seamless transition as you prepare for fiscal year end payroll adjustments. Let's understand this further. 

1. The Impact of Canadian Dental Care Plan (CDCP) on Year End

The Government of Canada's Budget 2023 paved the way for the CDCP, and it directly influences updates on your employees' tax forms (T4/T4A) starting from the upcoming 2023 year end. BAASS is your compass in navigating this significant shift. 


2. Understanding the Canadian Dental Care Plan (CDCP)

Let's take a moment to understand the CDCP. This legislative bill establishes the Canadian Dental Care Plan, offering dental coverage to uninsured Canadians with an annual family income below $90,000. As the criteria for CDCP eligibility aligns with uninsured status and income, your employees' federal income tax returns, including T4 and T4A forms, will play a pivotal role in determining their qualification for plan assistance. 


3. The Government's Transformative Investment

Budget 2023 signifies the government's commitment to a transformative investment in providing dental care to those in need. The plan is set to roll out coverage by the end of 2023, administered by Health Canada with support from a third party benefits administrator.


4. Employer Reporting Obligations

Attention, Canadian employers! While the CDCP benefits qualifying individuals, its implementation mandates a new reporting requirement for employer provided dental coverage. Starting this year end (2023 tax year), you'll need to report on an annual basis. BAASS ensures you stay compliant, steering clear of penalties for non reporting or providing misleading information.


5. Changes to T4 and T4A Forms

Prepare for a shift in your T4 and T4A tax forms. There's a new box on both forms dedicated to dental benefits: 

On the T4, look out for Box 45 "Employer offered Dental Benefits."

On the T4A, find Box 015 "Payer offered Dental Benefits," mandatory if there's an amount reported in Box 016 for "Pension or superannuation." If no amount is reported in Box 016, Box 015 becomes optional. 


 6. Coding Options for New Boxes

Navigating the new T4/T4A boxes requires a keen eye on coding options. BAASS provides clarity on the coding choices, allowing you to indicate the extent of dental care coverage for each employee: 

Code 1: No access to dental care insurance or coverage. 

Code 2: Sole access under the payee's plan. 

Code 3: Payee, spouse, and dependents have access. 

Code 4: Only payee and spouse have access. 

Code 5: Only payee and dependents have access. 


7. How BAASS Guides You Through CDCP

In the BAASS application, under Payroll > Employee Setup > Employee Information, access the CDCP Indicator field. Choose the appropriate code, and it will seamlessly populate on the employee's tax form during year end processing. Don't forget to include this step in your onboarding checklist for new hires.


8. BAASS essential checklist for a Smooth Transition

Ensure a smooth CDCP transition with BAASS Pro Tips. When dealing with terminated employees, select their CDCP status, as reporting is mandatory for former staff. Utilize essential year end checklist. 

BAASS recommends reviewing saved CDCP codes before December 31 to guarantee accurate information when authorizing tax forms. 


9. Expert Service Team: Your Support System

Throughout the year, especially during year end, BAASS's expert Support Team stands ready to answer your questions. Book a discovery call to learn more. 


10. Prioritizing Accurate Payroll with BAASS

At BAASS, we understand that accurate payroll is a top priority for Canadian businesses. Our modern Payroll solution offers a complete year end package with helpful checklists 

 In conclusion, with BAASS Business Solutions by your side, you're not just adapting; you're shaping the future of your payroll. Embrace the changes brought by CDCP as opportunities for growth, compliance, and employee well being. 



Q: How does Canadian Dental Care Plan (CDCP) impact employees' tax forms? 

A: The CDCP introduces new reporting requirements, shaping the content of T4/T4A tax forms. 


Q: Are there penalties for non compliance with CDCP reporting? 

A: Yes, non compliance may lead to penalties, but BAASS equips you to steer clear of these pitfalls. 


Q: What are the coding options for the new T4/T4A boxes? 

A: Choose from a range of codes indicating the extent of coverage, guided by BAASS's expertise. 


Q: How can BAASS assist in navigating CDCP changes? 

A: BAASS provides not just assistance but a transformative guide through coding, reporting, and compliance. 


Q: Why is accurate payroll processing crucial for businesses? 

A: Accurate payroll ensures not just compliance but fosters a culture of financial well being for employees. 

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