Everything you know about Cloud Security is Wrong - Part I


Recently I presented a webinar entitled "Everything you know about Cloud Security is Wrong". I thought I would present portions of this webinar in my next 2 or 3 blog posts.

Whether is do to fear and uncertainty or whether the on premise or anti cloud enthusiasts are propagating false information there are currently a number of myths regarding cloud computing security that need to be debunked. 

In order for consumers to make informed decision regarding cloud computing options we felt this presentation was important

Cloud Computing Security Myths 1 to 3:

1. The cloud simply cannot be secure

The cloud environment absolutely can be secure—in fact, it can be even more secure than an on premise server room. “But not all clouds are created equal,”. “Nor, for that matter are all server rooms.” There are varying levels of vendor capabilities that make for varying levels of security. Enterprises must establish clear criteria for maintaining control and visibility whether they are securing their server room or securing there cloud apps.

In a 2011 survey, 90 percent of companies with on Premise server rooms said they had been hacked in the previous 12 months. Security experts will tell you that the remaining 10 percent just didn’t realize they’d been hacked. While there are high profile case of cloud hacking this high rate of vulnerability does not exist in the cloud.

2. Most on premise systems are secure enough

Our research has shown that most owners and managers of small businesses dangerously overestimate their current level of security. They don’t have recent back-ups and don’t secure them off-site .They don’t have a disaster recovery plan for when things go wrong and they don’t encrypt their valuable data.

Most cloud application providers guarantee 99% uptime or above, they provide online backup and restore infrastructure, and your data is encrypted while being transmitted on the internet. The technology they provide would cost the average small business thousands if not hundreds of thousands of dollars annually.

3. Cloud is only for small organizations as large organizations wont risk security

Simply not true as you can see by the following logos some of the largest companies in the world not only use but rely on cloud technology. Plus Computer Solutions does not  have any fortune 500 clients but I can assure you that almost all our clients use some from of cloud technology from our largest 150 ERP user client to our clients who with just 5 user system

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