FAQ: Everything you need to know about BAASS Connect 2020


FAQ: Everything you need to know about BAASS Connect 2020

Our 25th year of the Largest Sage End User Conference, BAASS Connect, is well underway.  We have compiled the most commonly asked questions about the event and have answered them all for you.

How Do I Register for BAASS Connect Virtual?

We have made registration as simple as possible this year.  Visit our BAASS Connect website (www.baass.com/baassconnect2020) and you can register for each event you’re interested in. 

You can also call our office at 1-888-650-5544 or reach out to your BAASS Account manager to have you registered for the events of your choice. 

Is there a cost for BAASS Connect Virtual?

With the shift in the style of the event and with everything that has happened this year, we wanted to make sure this event was accessible to all.  Therefore there is no cost.  It is 100% Free.  


How will the event run? 

Held over 10 days, 4-hour events with 6+ sessions each day.  We will be using the GoToWebinar platform.  Upon registering you will receive a personalized URL for the event.  Use that link to access the sessions the day of.  For more information on how to use GoToWebinar visit our How-To Guide.


What Can I Expect At BAASS Connect Virtual?

  • Innovation - You will have access to key industry leaders and our experienced BAASS team.
  • Education - The sessions are packed with a variety of topics that you will inspire you for the months to come.
  • New Tools and Integrations - BAASS has developed a variety of tools, add-ons and integrations to ensure your solutions are optimal for your unique business needs.
  • Insight - Have an inside look at how to stay ahead of the ever-evolving business landscape during this time of digital transformation.


What is the theme for BAASS Connect Virtual?

This year’s theme is Digital Transformation and the Changing Business Landscape. We will focus on how technology can accelerate businesses growth in the event of a second wave of COVID-19 and beyond. 


Why Should I Attend?

  • Premier Sage End-User Event that has been running for 25 years. 
  • Have access to both BAASS and Sage Experts with 30+ years of experience in the industry.
  • Amazing exhibitors who can help you diversify your Sage Software


Can I earn CPD credits by attending

Yes, we do offer certificates of attendance for our events.  After attending the event you will receive a short survey asking you about the event and any ways we can improve it for the years to come.  As part of the survey, there are the required fields for the information needed to create the Certificate of Attendance. 


How does this event compare to other BAASS Connect events?

This year there are three key differences:
  • All Virtual:  This year due to COVID-19 we wanted to make sure everyone was safe and still able to participate - which lead us to an all-virtual event.  In years past we have held this event in a variety of locations across Canada and the US.
  • Focus Events:  In order to ensure you are attending the sessions that are right for you, we have broken the events up by focus area.  
  • Fully Recorded:  As this is a virtual conference you will have access to all the recordings and can ensure you will not miss any valuable information by attending one track or session live. 


Do I need to download anything to attend? 

We are using the GoToWebinar platform for these events.  You should not need to download anything to view the events - they should open in your web browser.   


Will there be a Q+A period?

Depending on time there will be a period for Questions and Answers.  Although if the session is tight for time we will collect all the questions and follow up with you afterwards.


What if I am unable to attend a session or if there are two sessions I want to attend at the same time?

There is no need to worry at all.  BAASS Connect Virtual 2020 is a fully recorded conference.  Shortly after each event, you will receive an email with special access to all the recordings from that day.  At the end of the conference, we will have a dedicated page with all the recordings. 


If I don’t currently own the software solution being discussed can I still benefit from attending?

Absolutely!  Yes even though we will be discussing Sage software, many of the topics and ideas are transferable.  We hope you still plan to attend because you never know - you may learn of a new tool or solution that can be more effective for your organization.  


I am not currently a BAASS Customer, can I still attend?

The More The Merrier!  We are always happy to share our knowledge.


Want to learn more? Visit www.baass.com/baassconnect2020  
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