How to Improve Your Company's Online Presence


Having a digital presence is crucial to staying connected with customers and prospects. When searching for products and companies, today's consumers spend most of their time online. For this reason, it is wise for businesses to invest in their online presence. This blog will explain how small to medium-sized businesses can strengthen their digital presence. 


Company Website

Converting leads into customers has a lot to do with your digital presence. Your company website is sometimes the first point of contact for new leads. This is why it's important to ensure consumers can find information about your brand, product, and contact information. Consumers should be able to look through your website and understand your company's mission statement, what makes you different than the competitors, and what is the problem you can solve for the customer.

Always remember that your competitors are just a click away. Adding content such as blogs, newsletters, and success stories can add value to your website. This content can be used to educate consumers about your industry and prove why your company is an industry expert.   


Leverage Social Media

The purpose of having social media channels is to engage and build relationships with customers. Social media channels are useful in building your company's brand and community. For example, social media posts can help you to personalize and affirm your brand's voice, and consequently make it relatable to consumers. 

To develop an effective social strategy, focus on the social channels that best suit your brand. Social media platforms that work well for businesses include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. 


SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Best Practices

SEO is the process of improving your online visibility. This means that more people can easily find your website, inbound marketing content, and marketing channels. Increasing SEO optimization involves improving your creative content that narrates your brand's story.

Keyword research is the process of finding trending searched terms in your web content. By using strategic search queries, your content is more likely to get in front of your targeted audience. Try to link common keywords relevant to your industry for higher website traffic.

Backlinking is when one website links to another. Content such as blogs are a great way to incorporate backlinking as it promotes brand visibility and website traffic.


As the first point of contact, it is important to invest in your online channels and digital presence. BAASS is here to help you revamp your online strategy. Talk to our experts and find out how we can assist your business. Click and speak to an expert now!  

Amanda Diflorio

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