Improving Response Times with Service Management Integration


Improving Response Times with Service Management Integration

Businesses often talk about using excellent customer service as their distinguishing feature, but few do all that it takes to really give customers an outstanding experience. Using a service management program, integrated with your ERP system, can help you provide that extra service that customers will long remember after the sales are finished.

What Is a Service Management Program?

Service Management programs integrate with other software to provide additional features. They're used in service, job costing, and maintenance industries and companies to better track and handle the workflow. With these tools in your business, you can manage resources, products, and services efficiently.

Save Time Setting Up an Order

Because service management programs enable users to create and save the template, new orders and order tickets can be set up quickly using existing templates. Standardizing the template enables you to standardize order entry and information, making it easier to include such data in your systems and easier to train customer service employees to find and use it.

Easier Scheduling

Schedule jobs, employee work hours, tasks, equipment and other business needs using the handy scheduling features in the program. Easier scheduling leads to fewer complications and confusion. You won't scramble to find out who has the dump truck or the back hoe today since you quickly see the equipment schedule. You'll be able to employees to make sure that every shift is covered. There are many benefits to the scheduling feature, but the easier schedule for all types of situation is the best.

Track Equipment

Barcoding and scanning equipment as it enters and leaves the warehouse is a great way to monitor equipment usage. You can track it using service management programs, enabling you to set up sign-out schedules as well as to see at a glance where important equipment is located. Track equipment on job sites, at different plants and more.

Self-Service Portal

Self-service portals make it easier for both employees and customers to look up information and tackle small tasks. Let customers look up their service tickets, pay bills online, and check records. You can se the parameters to include whatever information you'd like. Employees can also use self-service portals to handle their work more efficiently. It's a convenience that both employees ad customers like.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Service manager programs let you work smarter, not harder. They're a productivity tool that helps service-based business thrive. BAASS offers insight, support, and information to companies seeking business systems. We can help you choose from among many good business systems including service management to find the right fit for your needs, contact us and we will have a subject matter expert reach out to you directly.

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