Intacct Collaborate: A Communication Tool That Steers Growth


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When businesses see rapid growth, a lot of talk begins to happen between company departments and clients related to the same documents and the same issues.

Sales create projects that travel through what may be three or more departments before it ever reaches the billing stages. Workloads increase company-wide, and many departments see a big breakdown in communication and documentation.

From beginning to end, client project documents have critical details associated with them that typically crop up in random emails, undocumented chats, and a collection of notes and post-its. So, when someone drops the ball on message relay, it slows down productivity and service.

Growing companies using a best-in-class cloud solution like Intacct have the opportunity to boost communication across departments, companies, and platforms, in the face of growth, to bridge the looming gap interdepartmentally, as well as with clients, and organize critical details.

When companies use a supporting communication tool in Intacct, they are better equipped to steer company growth, keep service personalized, and stay on top of expansion. They see dramatic and positive results in three major ways:


More Informed Decision-Making

  • A living framework of dialogue retained for each document means C-suite decision-makers have real-time visibility on projects and metrics to make more informed growth decisions.
  • Dialogue transparency means stakeholders, managers and groups can maintain strong communication on projects traveling between Salesforce and Intacct, all the way through the pipeline, avoiding a flurry of time-consuming phone calls and buried emails.

Service Consistency and Speed

  • Participating clients have real-time interactions with their service teams, to get instant answers on projects and invoices, and see their issues readily resolved.
  • Sales and other interdepartmental teams can offer transparency for decision-makers and clients to always know where a project, document, or issue stands.
  • Decision-makers have visibility on critical information for measuring company health on their schedules.


  • Dialogue attached to the document as proof means no relying on memory, searching in multiple systems, or making endless calls to get details that happened months ago.
  • Automation reduces processing errors and labor costs that result from rekeying.
  • Historical accuracy means meet audits and adjustments with complete confidence that your paper trail can always be tracked.

When Intacct’s cloud accounting solution is at work, in conjunction with Salesforce, a communication enhancement option like Collaborate eliminates the outdated manual or verbal message relay by connecting people and providing an accessible and secure historical communication feed for those that need it.

So when documents travel from Salesforce to Intacct, the details and notes associated with every financial file is at the ready for service excellence, improved efficiency, and informed decision-making.

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