Let Sage Intelligence Do the Work for You

It is likely that Financial Reporting has the ability to stress us out a little from time to time. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if  Sage 300 ERP had a solution to quickly & easily obtain the information we need for all of our operations & strategic planning? Oh wait….

With Sage Intelligence you can literally sit back & let it do the work for you. With Sage Intelligence you can improve the productivity of your financial staff, enhance your report presentation, and streamline your report preparation. You can build a reporting solution so that it works exactly the way you want it to, using the flexibility of Intelligence Reporting license and module components.

How, you ask?

  • The Report Manager allows you to author new reports & filter & aggregate data while also allowing you to set permissions and security for these reports
  • The Report Viewer provides you with basic editing capabilities & Drill down functionality on existing reports/ templates.
  • The Report designer expands upon the functionality of the report manager to provide simplified “drag & drop“ report creation capabilities.
  • The Connector Module further simplifies your financial manager’s day-to-day operational tasks, allowing access to the information they need from multiple sources and consolidation of data from multiple companies
  • The Analysis Module supports business strategy and decision making through the advanced analysis of trends and what-if scenarios. It lets you utilize built-in Microsoft Excel Pivot Tables to get insight into information that goes beyond transactional data.

Why, you ask?

  • Access Business Critical information – Unifying all of your data into one solution creates a true view of your business, which is vital to growth & profitability
  • Complex reporting made easy – Save time & get more accurate reports by eliminating redundant data entry efforts through direct integration with Sage 300 ERP
  • Insightful Decisions – The Dashboard Analysis report provides a one-page summary of key business information, featuring “Top N” details of customers, items & expenses
  • Easily Design Custom Reports – Transform excel data into meaningful information using report designer intuitive and flexible tools
  • Rely on Flexible, Powerful Analysis – The analysis module allows you to utilize built-in Microsoft excel pivot tables  to get insight into information that goes beyond transactional data
  • Multinational & Multi company Capabilities – Pounds. Pesos. Dollars. Francs. Yen. No matter what currency you trade or how many companies you run, Sage 300 ERP can empower your company for multi entity & global enterprise.
  • Secure Business Integrity – Sage 300 ERP assures comprehensive security at variable levels, protecting your important reports from unauthorized access or manipulation

Fun Fact: Did you know that if you are currently on Version 5.6 or upwards you can avail of a free license?? Take advantage of that right away! There’s no time like the present, contact BAASS Business  Solutions!

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