Maximize the Utilization of an ERP/Accounting system!


In discussion with our clients it has come to my attention that there is often a great deal of functionality that is not used in a typical ERP/Accounting system.

Examples of some of things I have heard:

  • I don't use the bank reconciliation module
  • We don't have security set up
  • We export our Trial Balance to Excel and then produce our Financial statement in Excel
  • My ERP system can't consolidate or financial statements it is to complicated
  • We enter our invoices in MS-Word and re key them into our accounting system
  • We create our sales and sales commission reports in Excel
  • We track our serialized inventory in a FOXPRO database
  • We re key all our Point of Sale transaction into our Accounts Receivable system
  • there are many more....

On the other hand there are many amazing things we hear from clients in terms of how they have utilized their systems to achieve their goals and sometimes to obtain a competitive advantage.

Examples of some things I have heard:

  • My ERP system manages over 500 projects simultaneously
  • My ERP system recognizes revenue of our multi period contracts
  • My ERP system automatically reconciles my checks and deposits in my bank account
  • My ERP system provides our Executive KPI reporting
  • My ERP automatically integrates 2 ways with our web store
  • MY ERP system automatically integrates EDI transactions

We would like to hear more of the interesting ways you are using your ERP system to make your lives easier and more efficient and effective.

We would like to share them with others so they might understand how they can take advantage of their Accounting systems and save time and be more productive.

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