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5 Reasons Why Mining Companies Should Choose Sage ERP Accpac

by Brian Morris  

Lately, we here at Plus have struck a rich vein of opportunities within the mining sector. We have helped ore clients dig deep for value, and discover valuable nuggets of information from their Accpac data. OK, that’s enough mining puns for one paragraph, but here are a list of just some of the top benefits that mining companies can yield from switching to an Accpac System:

 Big Mining Truck

1.  Reporting. The Sage Accpac Intelligence module allows you to easily create custom reports, so you can build a dashboard which will assimilate financial data, along with production results, as well as data from an external program, such as a purchasing system.

2. Global Reach. Our business is focused primarily on the Greater Vancouver area, where scores of mining companies are located. Because Accpac can be deployed over the internet, and supports multiple languages and currencies, it truly meets the needs of this sector, with their remote mine sites.

3. Asset Tracking. Because Accpac is part of the Sage family, it has direct integration with the market-leading Fixed Asset Software (FAS), which allows mining companies to track their assets, and calculate their depreciation, in either a standard or customizable manner.

4. Consolidation. Within Sage Accpac, you can create multiple companies, and each would maintain a separate General Ledger. With the GL Consolidation feature,  transactions and account information can be transferred and merged from the mining sites to headquarters.

5. Project and Job Costing. Your chart of accounts can be streamlined by using this component, as it will allow you to manage contracts or jobs to three levels, contract (job), project (phase), and category. Labour costs, equipment, overhead, etc… can then be assigned to each project within the contract.

These are just some of the many examples of how Sage ERP Accpac can help mining companies become more effiecient . For more information, you can read the success story of one mining customer by clicking here, or by visiting our Accpac for Mining page. Please feel free to post any questions or comments below.

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