Payroll Mistakes to Avoid

By Amanda Diflorio | Nov 29, 2022 9:44:29 AM

As year-end fast approaches, the anxiety from the payroll department can be felt in the air. That is why BAASS is here to help guide your business through these stressful times. We have compiled a list of common payroll mistakes to avoid. Let BAASS save your business from making costly mistakes. 

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Get Your Payroll in Check for the New Year

By Aron dela Cruz | Nov 21, 2022 9:11:21 AM

As the year wraps up for many businesses, payroll is just as busy getting their numbers in order and making sure everything is up to date for a fresh start to the new year. To make sure the new fiscal period is a good one, here are some common problems that happen with payroll, and how you can avoid them.

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The Future of Cloud Technology

By Amanda Diflorio | Oct 27, 2022 8:00:00 AM

As the business world progress toward digital transformation, many companies are looking for sustainability and business continuity. Cloud base technology is one of many tools used to save time and create flexibility. This blog will list cloud technology trends that are changing the business landscape and the way we do business. BAASS can help you stay ahead of the digital curve.

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Cloud Solutions: Is It Right For Me?

By Aron dela Cruz | Oct 21, 2022 9:20:17 AM

Cloud technology has been becoming more prevalent in society during recent years. From big businesses to everyday tasks, there are many benefits of cloud technology. Being able to access data remotely and performing business online is changing the face of how businesses operate, but that does not mean it is for everyone. Many businesses still operate with traditional means and have no such need for cloud technology. There are also users who enjoy a mix of both as one does not entirely fit their business needs.  As the business infrastructure evolves, the main question here is what solution is right for you?


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How To Defend Against Different Cyber Security Attacks

By Aron dela Cruz | Sep 27, 2022 12:13:38 PM

Cybersecurity is a concept that most of us glance over. If everyone is getting their work done, and no attacks have happened, then we should all be safe, right? The truth is, attacks can happen at any time and will be undetectable until it is too late.

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How Up to Date is your Company’s Cybersecurity Strategy?

By Amanda Diflorio | Sep 20, 2022 8:00:00 AM

As more companies switch to remote work and increase their online presence, cybersecurity is a lurking concern. No matter how small or big the company can be, it’s important to understand how to construct a resilient cybersecurity strategy. This blog will discuss the risk of cybersecurity and provide tips on which security strategies could best benefit your organization. 

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How to Survive a Supply Chain Crunch with the Right ERP System

By Amanda Diflorio | Aug 23, 2022 8:30:00 AM

During these uncertain times, many companies are assessing the prospect of survival. Supply chain shortages are challenging businesses, particularly in manufacturing and distribution, to meet order deadlines. Backlogged orders and unsatisfied customers can lead to disaster. A robust Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system not only helps to improve efficiency and therefore develop business resiliency, but it may give your company a competitive edge. This blog will provide tips on how to weather the turbulence of supply chain shortages.   

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Top 5 ERP Features Warehouses and Distributors Need Now

By Amanda Diflorio | Aug 17, 2022 10:51:39 AM

Manufacturing companies can stay competitive by investing in industry-specific solutions like enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. This blog will discuss the top 5 ERP features every warehouse and distributor needs to implement. Learn how ERP solutions can feed the heart of your business while making meaningful changes.

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