AI Trends of 2022



Artificial Intelligence, still in its infancy, is a concept with many future possibilities. As society moves into a digitally dominated daily life. The idea of virtual employees, assistants, and even virtual existence does not seem so far off. This blog will talk about 3 trends that may emerge for advancing AI technology.


  • AI Regulations & Restrictions

While not applicable at the moment, the idea of AI capabilities has been hypothesized to include a far greater understanding than humans can keep up with. With such advanced technology, it is natural to establish rules to keep society at peace. Imagine having a technology that could potentially analyze a competitor's strategy and ways to beat it.  Perhaps, countries could have different rules regarding AI use but are involved in international negotiations. Such rules will have to encompass facets such as bias, fairness, and privacy, to avoid future implications.


  • Enhanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) 

The claim that AI is a viable advancement in natural language processing, meaning to understand human speech. Many times what we say, and what we mean, are quite different. AI being able to interpret and produce humanized conversation is astounding, to say the least. Today's examples of AI technology involving Alexa, Google, and Grammarly, are all early examples of what we will see in the future. Google’s Director of Engineering Ray Kurzweil predicts that AI will “achieve human levels of intelligence” by 2029.


  • AI in the Workplace

Implementing AI processes in the workplace has many benefits that may not be possible through human effort alone. Using AI can bring new insights that may be missed by staff due to cognitive biases, limited information analyzed, or general human error. Implementing AI into certain processes means an organization can focus human resources on other tasks,  potentially increasing their revenues, decreasing their costs, and showing improvements in the company's overall performance.


There is no denying that AI technology is rapidly evolving. Accompanying these developments are changes to how AI will be regulated, how AI will expand in capability, how AI can be utilized throughout organizations, and much more. As technology is advancing faster than ever, it is important to keep up with the growing trends. Adapting and leveraging new technologies in your business is becoming more essential to remain competitive. 


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