Jennifer Holman

Jennifer Holman
Jennifer brings areas of expertise within the ERP space. Certified in Microsoft and Sage Business Solutions she is involved in Implementations big and small. With a previous role as an ERP consultant, she has experience working with clients to overcome pain points and problems. Jennifer now spends her time as a pre-sales presenter and a Project Manager for Microsoft Implementations.

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Should You Replace or Integrate Your Spreadsheets? - Replay

By Jennifer Holman | Sep 8, 2020 12:03:31 PM

Many companies struggle with the question: should you replace or integrate your spreadsheets? In this blog, we will recap the discussion from our recent webinar, and share with you our knowledge on the topic. There are many areas internally that you're likely tracking in a spreadsheet or even working with a customer or vendor where you have spreadsheets that could possibly be integrated. We will discuss the surface level of integrating and replacing your spreadsheets and get you thinking about what you could have in your ERP Solution rather than an outside of the system; for example an AP Invoice integrated to save time and manual data entry.

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