Sarah Ellen Horsfall

Sarah Ellen Horsfall
Project Manager, Intacct and Special Projects | Marketing Manager As an Integrated Project and Marketing Manager, I play a dual role in seamlessly combining project management and marketing functions. This dynamic position involves orchestrating the planning, execution, and successful delivery of projects while concurrently driving strategic marketing initiatives to enhance brand visibility and achieve marketing goals. This combined role requires a versatile professional capable of wearing multiple hats, seamlessly integrating project management methodologies with marketing acumen. By doing so, I aim to drive successful project outcomes that contribute to the overall growth and success of the organization's marketing endeavors.
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Get Future Ready

By Sarah Ellen Horsfall | May 1, 2024 12:54:38 PM

What does it mean to get future-ready? Overall, being future-ready is about being proactive to meet the challenges and opportunities of tomorrow’s business landscape. It involves several components, including building robust internal capabilities, scaling up those capabilities in anticipation of future competition, finding new sources for growth, and identifying alternative sources for supplies. Each of these components builds resilience which enables businesses to withstand disruptions, accelerate innovation, and anticipate market fluctuations.

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Evaluating your Accounting Software

By Sarah Ellen Horsfall | Mar 4, 2024 4:31:27 PM

Traditional ERP systems were developed to help organizations manage their basic finance and accounting tasks. They have since emergedinto a powerful ecosystem that offersrobust functionality andpresents actionable insights for better decision-making.Finance leaders can collaborate with other departments togenerateaccurateforecasts, navigate the ever-changing business landscape, and execute their growth strategy. In this article, we will run through achecklist to help you evaluate the right software solutions. 

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Looking Ahead to 2024

By Sarah Ellen Horsfall | Feb 1, 2024 3:33:14 PM

In January’s blog, we identified a few economic trends that affected several industry sectors in Q4 2023. These trends continue to impose challenges on businesses for the start of 2024 with little growth projected in Q1. There is a general expectation that growth will gradually pick up later in the year as inflation decreases to between 2% - 3%.

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