Customer Visibility: Why it Matters and How to Achieve it


Customer Visibility Why It Matters & How to Achieve It

When it comes to managing your customers, you have one of two ways to go about it: you can engage in conversation when your customers reach out to you for a service or new product, or you can pursue an active relationship with your customers and prospects so you are always in front of them. It does not take much to see that one way is far superior to the other. If you are leaving your customer relationships to chance and only interacting with prospects when they contact you, the chances of meeting your sales goals are not very high.
Your customers crave relationship. After all, research has proven time and again that strong customer relationships are the key to high customer satisfaction. Customers want to be known outside of the sale. They want to know that they can trust your company to care about their needs and meet those needs with a well-developed arsenal of products and services. 

Ensuring that your customers feel valued and are receiving great customer service is essential to developing long-term customer relationships. In order to do this, however, you need access to important customer information. Even if your company is dedicated to providing your customers with real relationships, your efforts are in vein if your business systems lack true customer data visibility. In order to serve your customers well, your customer-facing (and back-office) departments need unlimited access to your customers’ contact information, order history, conversation history and other important information that will help guide the relationship.

Achieving Full Visibility with CRM Software

With untethered access to customer data being so important in today’s day and age, many companies have turned to CRM. CRM solutions provide companies with the access they need to data that supports customer relationships. CRM solutions allow users to connect to mobile devices and Internet browsers. This accessibility allows them to view customer information as they need it, providing them with full visibility to answer customer inquiries and build upon existing relationships.

CRM software improves visibility to your customers. With Cloud-based CRM, you can:

  • Gain real-time access to customer data anytime, anywhere.
  • Work without being tethered to an office or network of servers. Employees can connect with customers and prospective customers while in the field or in the office, improving productivity across the board.
  • Move into data mobility and use personally owned or employer provided mobile devices in the field to access important customer information and respond faster to questions.
  • View customer data as it relates to the information stored in your ERP system.
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