Error: Cannot Access Database


Error Cannot Access DatabaseProblem Details:

After entering userID and password to logon to Sage 300, the following message appears: "Cannot Access Database error=49153"


This error message is very generic, and has many potential solutions. Essentially, it means that the program (installed on a workstation) cannot get access to the data (on the server). This is a connectivity issue between workstation (program) and server (data).

Check the firewall. On the server, turn the firewall off (Control Panel, Windows Firewall) and test Sage again. If Sage can connect, turn the firewall back on and in the Control Panel, Windows Firewall, select the option to 'Allow a program or feature through Windows Firewall'. Select SQL Server from the list, or browse to it and add it. It may be necessary to have an IT professional assist with these steps. 

Check the network. On the server, go to Control Panel, Network and Sharing Centre.  If this is set to a Public Network, many connections to and from the server will not be allowed. This setting has been known to be changed when a Windows Update has been installed. Confirm that your network is a Work or Private Network, and if not, change it to that setting. 

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