Error: Day End Processing Could Not Complete All Transactions

Error Day End processing could not complete all transactions
Problem Details:

Day end processing (DEP) stops with the following error(s):

"Day end processing could not complete all transactions". 

"Day end processing was not completed due to errors" 

In some cases, further information is provided, such as "Invalid Input.  Item ___.  Location ___ does not exist."  In other instances, there is no additional message. 


When we are provided with additional information, the solution is much more apparent.  In the example above, the problem is that a document is referencing an item at a specific location, but that location has been removed from the item.  In IC Items and Price Lists / Location Details - enter the item number and add the missing location. Rerun DEP. 

In the case where we are not provided with the reason for the error, it is more challenging to locate the source of the problem. It is important to identify which transaction that DEP stops at. DEP will show the transaction number on the screen as it progresses, but sometimes it moves too quickly to see it. We can use RVSPY to assist with this. RVSPY logs all the program procedures as they happen. We can see the document number in the spy log after DEP fails, or, because RVSPY slows down DEP considerably due to the logging procedure, we can usually identify the number on the screen when RVSPY is running. Locate the RVSPY utility by clicking on Start / All Programs / Sage / Sage 300 ERP 2014 / Tools / RVSPY. Click on Options / Output. You can select 'Window' to show results on the screen and 'File' to save the log to a file. It is recommended to save the log file for review later in case the issue does not become easily identified.

Once we have identified which document is stopping the DEP, go to that document and check on all the items listed on it. Ensure that the items all exist, and that they are all available at the designated locations. Then check all the documents that are linked to that one - for example, if a PO invoice is stopping the DEP, check the invoice, but also the PO receipt and the original PO for all the items on those documents as well. It may be necessary to contact a support representative to assist in determining the cause of the problem

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