How to Speed Up Order Fulfillment without Compromising Accuracy



On any given day, how much time do your employees spend walking around the warehouse in search of the next product to be shipped? Does the time spent attempting to locate inventory impact your order fulfillment times? As any warehouse manager knows, any kind of waste can directly impact a company’s bottom line. This includes the time wasted locating products in the order fulfillment process.

Product misplacement is a huge concern for warehouses around the world. As companies continue to grow and expand their operations, the chances of inventory getting lost in the warehouse and leading to increased order fulfillment times only increase. Demand is rising, and in order to keep a handle on order volume and fulfillment times, warehouses must find a solution that adequately addresses the source of the problem, mainly disorganization.

Warehouse Management Systems Put Organization Back into the Warehouse

Reorganization in the warehouse is crucial if you are wanting to find products quickly and easily and improve order fulfillment times. However, reorganization tasks can often cause further delays and challenges if not carried out in a strategic manner. In order to do it right, you must have a plan in place to not only support the reorganization itself, but its maintenance as well. After all, a reorganized warehouse is only as good as your ability to keep it so.

With a Warehouse management systems (WMS), re-warehousing becomes effortless. The software can help you determine the best location for each of your products based on a number of parameters. WMS maximizes the space you have in the warehouse, increasing your efficiency and decreasing unnecessary foot traffic. Once your inventory has been properly slotted identifying forward pick and overstock, the WMS stock locator module can easily direct your employees to the right location during picking, put away and retrieval operations. With a WMS, your staff know exactly where they need to go to find stock, resulting in faster order fulfillment times, proper stock rotation and improved accuracy all-around.

Accuracy does not have to be compromised in order to ship products faster. With a WMS, you can maintain accuracy and reduce picking times to improve your warehouse management efforts. Find out how you can get your products to your customers faster.

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