In-House versus Outsourced Payroll


Although there are numerous reasons to switch from outsourced payroll to an in-house payroll system, the biggest factor is probably cost – handling payroll in-house will involve huge savings.

Before you consider switching from outsourced to in-house payroll, however, there are several factors that you should keep in mind. Consider, for instance, that your payroll must be accurate and on time every pay period in addition to being compliant with state and federal regulations.

What’s the best way to make sure you can switch payroll, save money, and still be accurate, on time, and compliant? Sage HRMS (ABRA) Payroll Software Solutions. For many businesses, Sage’s payroll solution has proven to be the most effective, accurate, and easy to use solution when going in-house.


Top Reasons to Go In-House with HRMS (ABRA) Payroll:


  • Total Control: More control gives you more accurate reporting, more choices for printing checks and forms, and more flexibility if the need arises to make last minute changes.
  • In-Depth Reporting: Having payroll reports and figures at your fingertips allows you to carefully analyze current trends and plan for future projects accordingly.
  • Integrated Software: The “self-service” software allows you and your employees to log on at any time to review the current and past pay periods.  

With so many choices available for in-house payroll services, why choose Sage HRMS? Because in addition to integrating seamlessly with Sage Abra HR and Sage Abra ESS, Sage (ABRA) HRMS also reduces the need for the reentry of time keeping and accounting information. This means that your employees will spend less time executing payroll duties and more time completing other critical business tasks. Its use also means less manual data entry for employees, resulting in fewer errors.

Studies show that there is a greater potential for return on investment when switching to in-house payroll. Companies who outsource their payroll needs pay an average of 37% more than the companies who handle their own payroll; studies conducted by Sage estimated that companies with 150 employees who are paid bi-monthly save an average of $10,000 over the period of three years when they switched to Sage Abra. In addition, Sage showed that the implementation cost of the Abra software was recouped in less than two years.

For those looking to make the switch from outsourced payroll to an in-house payroll system, the Sage HRMS (ABRA) payroll system is our recommendation.

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