The Key to Simplifying Talent Management


The Key to Simplifying Talent Management

As a human resources manager, your job is not finished once you have identified the perfect candidate and filled the vacant position in your company. In fact, the truth of the matter is your job has just begun.

In order to retain the talent you just secured, you will have to do a little more work than simply sign off on the new hire packet. Talent management involves much more than simply attracting and hiring the right candidates for the job; it involves a number of tasks and disciplines, including:

  • Ensuring substantial management and training
  • Managing and maintaining a competitive compensation package for each employee
  • Offering additional retention programs such as bonuses and stock options
  • Creating visible promotion paths
  • Monitoring employee performance and education

This is a lot of work, especially for companies who employ hundreds upon thousands of employees. How can companies realistically keep track of all the hiring information, monitor each employee’s performance, and create competitive compensation packages and retention programs while continuing to manage the day-to-day HR functions?  The answer is simple: with a human resource information system (HRIS).

HRIS: Pairing Human Resources with Talent Management

An HRIS is more than a tool to streamline payroll and simplify the day-to-day human resources processes. When used to its full capacity, HRIS can serve as a full talent management system, allowing companies to create, manage and deliver personalized training programs for its employees, measure employee performance, and create fair and competitive compensation packages to increase employee retention. HRIS can be used by the human resources department to:

  • Increase Return on Employee Investment (ROEI) by increasing productivity and decreasing employee turnover rates
  • Reduce administrative costs
  • Spend the training budget more efficiently
  • Identify skills gaps across the organization
  • Reduce the risk of noncompliance
  • Drive employee engagement and innovation
  • Develop a healthy leadership pipeline

Do not allow complicated processes to affect your talent management. Give us a call today to learn how you can simplify the process and keep your employee around for the long haul.

Nancy Pearce

About The Author

Nancy Pearce

Senior Business Consultant, HRIS Practice Leader - Nancy is our HRIS Practice Leader and has over fourteen years of experience with BAASS. Nancy started as a Senior Business Consultant with Sage 300 ERP (Accpac) with emphasis on the Not-for-Profit sector specializing in Payroll & HR Management Systems. She became certified in Sage HRMS in 2006 and eventually moved her focus to strictly Human Capital Management consulting and development of the HRIS Practice at BAASS.