Tips & Tricks: How to Create a New User in Sage 300 ERP

Tips & Tricks How to Create a New User in Sage 300 ERP
Problem Details:

Need to setup a new user in Sage 300 ERP and give them appropriate rights. 


The most important part of creating a new user is establishing what user rights they should have. If the new user is replacing an existing user, then it makes sense to copy the current user's User Authorization.  

To create a new User, follow the steps below:

  1. Log in with ADMIN account
  2. Navigate to Administrative Services - User Icon
  3. Press New
  4. Enter the User ID and User Name
  5. Set Authentication Method to Sage 300 ERP, then enter a password for this user and retype the same password.
  6. Click Add and close this screen.
  7. Open the User Authorization Icon to assign the user rights to each module.
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