What does Sage GL Account Roll-up function do?


The Sage 500 (formerly Accpac) GL account Roll-up function creates relationships between accounts that can be used for classification, budgeting, and reporting. Creating a relationship between accounts lets you consolidate (roll-up) account balances to provide a summary balance similar to the consolidation options provided in Financial Reporter.

Once the Roll-up accounts are setup, you can quickly view roll-up balances on screen without having to generate financial statements.

Here is an example of Roll-up function,

Individual account balances view:

What does Sage GL Account Roll-up function do?


Roll-up account balances view:

Sage GL Account Roll-up function


Setting up roll-up feature is very simple. Follow these 3 steps.

1. Go to chart of accounts & double click on the header account

2. Turn on roll-up function

Roll-up account Setup


3. Go to Roll-up tab and add member accounts, Save and exit.

Contact BAASS if you need any help setting this up.

**Please note This feature is available in Sage ACCPAC 500 edition only.**

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