Sarku Japan - BAASS Success Story


Sarku Japan - BAASS Success Story

If you’ve been to a mall in the US, you may have seen Sarku Japan before, located in the food court. Sarku Japan is the largest and most successful Japanese Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) in America, with over 250 locations. Although its locations are primarily in the US, Sarku’s head office is located in Markham, Ontario. 

The Canadian head office is where they handle all their operations, including IT, HR, finance, payroll, operation support, construction, design, and legalities. This is contrary to other QSRs, who have a tendency to outsource administrative functions to other companies. Sarku’s locations are spread out over 34 states in the US, with each state essentially operating as their own entity. 

We had the chance to sit down with Sarku Japan’s Director of Information Systems, Dennis Chong, to learn more about their experience with BAASS. Sarku Japan worked with our development team, to find a solution for their business challenges. 

The Challenge 

Being that they had many separate entities, Sarku was facing difficulties in consolidating their information across all of them. This was a timely and strenuous process, especially factoring in that they were remotely controlling their stores from Canada. Prior to BAASS, the company had separate databases for each state. 

The Solution and Process

BAASS and Sarku got to work - Sarku communicated their needs and wants, which resulted in a fully integrated and custom tool, developed by BAASS. The reporting tool built helped consolidate information across the different entities. The duration of the collaboration included the implementation of the BAASS Bridge, Sage 300 ERP, Sage HRMS, Global Software Reporting Tool, as well as various other customizations. Since they already had a system in place, the BAASS Bridge helped them integrate their system into their new Sage environment. 

The Result

Following the implementation of their development solution, Sarku Japan’s efficiency advanced. Dennis notes, “Before BAASS came into the picture, reporting from an organization point of view, or having a consolidated picture of all the financial information was a very complicated task. At times, we weren’t even able to report the information until days later”. He adds, “getting the information used to be days, now we can almost instantaneously get information off of our reporting tool”. Consolidation was no longer a challenge for Sarku to deal with. 

BAASS Experience

Dennis expressed pleasure in their collaboration with our development team, as BAASS’ development team strongly understood Sarku’s operations. The development team was able to identify, dissect, and reflect upon Sarku’s pain points and next steps. This strong partnership was created by the sharing of technologies and knowledge about Sage products and customizations. BAASS’ development team empowered Sarku Japan to explore more usages of technology to increase their efficiency and effectiveness. BAASS opened up various opportunities for Sarku Japan; Dennis states that this experience “allowed [their] admin and database groups to not be bound by the limitations of existing applications and tools”. 

We would like to thank Sarku Japan for choosing BAASS, and sharing their experience working with us. Best of luck to you and your organization!

For more information read the full story about the success Sarku Japan. Learn about development at BAASS, and our past customized development solutions!

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