Common Challenges Solved by a Development Solution


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Is your software just not working perfectly for you? It may be fine, but your organization should have software that is better than just fine. Possibly, all along, you just needed a development solution. Below are 6 common challenges, and how they can be solved by a development solution: 

  1. Systems that don’t communicate with one another
    At your organization, you may utilize more than one solution- but how do you make them communicate with each other? A development solution will help you connect or integrate your systems together, so they can communicate with one another. There are many benefits to this, including improving your business’ efficiency.
  2. Issues with error-prone data re-entry
    Humans are not perfect. Consequently, the more times we might be needed to enter information, the more times we may have mistakes. Furthermore, a development solution would require less repetitive tasks from your employees in entering data. However, we may not always be wrong. It’s important to note that amongst the different employees in your organization, they may have different ways of keying in information. For example, one may input a company as BAASS Business Solutions - client, while another one inputs them as BAASS Business Solutions- client. This may create redundancy within the system, since they may not be recognized as the same company, all due to a difference in spacing. A development solution would keep things consistent, and avoid situational mistakes, as mentioned above.
  3. You have a unique business 
    If you have a unique business, then you might need a unique solution too. Many out-of-box solutions will need some adjustments to fit organizations well, so don’t settle for something that does not meet your needs appropriately. As a unique business, you may be in need of certain features that other companies wouldn’t. A development solution could be the key to ensuring that your organization has all the important information needed for your processes- not just for what the majority of organizations may need.
  4. Need to handle data migration between software or solutions
    Do you need to move your information from one software to another? It’s important to note that less successful migrations will result in inaccurate, redundant, and missing data. Consider if you had any issues in your data prior to migration, they may be amplified afterwards. A development solution is integral to ensuring that your data is just as informative afterwards, as it was before. You may also need to migrate from external companies, due to business acquisitions or mergers. More importantly, their data may be formatted differently from your own; a customized development solution may ensure that this transition phase is smoother.
  5. Your organization’s dashboard is missing key information
    Can you imagine driving with one part of your windshield covered? You just don’t get the full picture- if that happens, how do you make decisions to drive towards your destination? This is reflected in your business- your dashboard allows you to see various aspects of your business in one place, and keeps it front and center so you do not miss anything. If key information is missing, you may be working partially in the dark, without a complete picture of what should be your organization’s next steps or needs. A personalized development solution will allow you to have everything you need on your dashboard, to ensure that you are not missing anything important.
  6. Your organization has specific business workflows which require validation
    In the majority of businesses, there are certain approvals required for various tasks. For many instances, you may require multiple levels of approvals or reviews during the process. Your organization may also have unique business roles, where the workflow differs from the majority of companies. A development solution may help ensure that only specific people have limits and can only approve specific items, so things don’t get lost in the system, or inappropriately approved.

You may be in need of a custom development solution to make your current software that much better. Check out our marketplace for past customizations that we have done, or our development page for more information. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you’re in need of a development solution! 

About The Author

Development Team & Management Consulting Practice Leader - Bharti brings a diversified experience in HR applications, CRM, and ERP with a strong focus on custom software design and development. In addition to her broad technical background, Bharti also has experience working internationally and has the ability to provide clients with immense planning, and project management support.