ERP Implementation is like Building a Home

ERP Implementation is like Building a Home

The BAASS Pillar Methodology

Implementing an accounting system is like building a home. It needs structure and support. It is imperative that a plan or blueprint is developed first which ensures the foundation is stable and construction proceeds smoothly. The entire project must be managed well to ensure the project is delivered on time and on budget. BAASS acts as the Pillar that holds the whole structure together. If these steps are taken minimal post implementation maintenance will be required.

Perform a Needs Analysis. We perform a needs analysis FIRST, which allows us to truly design a system that works for you by assessing your needs, processes, and current use of management software and technology.

We work with you to ensure that your business management software solution is designed in a manner that will provide maximum value to your unique businesses.

Identify Cost Saving Opportunities. BAASS Business Solutions utilizes proven project management methodologies in our implementation projects. Our implementation services are carefully designed to help you to optimize your infrastructure, identify cost saving opportunities, and assist you in executive decision making.

Applications will be installed, configured, data migrated, customized & prepared for construction as designed in the blueprint. Many times the software's functionality provides only part of the solution. Often, one or two extra functions or slight changes to the way the software works can provide a 100% fit for you and your business

Layout Project Targets and Goals. Once the groundwork is established, strategic planning and the solution design, form the layout of the project along with targeted milestones, benchmarks and goals to be achieved during the successful implementation.

Learn the Software. Training is one of the most important parts of any project. A business management system and the information it contains is only useful to your organization if your team members are capable of utilizing all aspects of the solution to its utmost capabilities.

We provide system administrator and end-user training on the business management solution we've implemented for you. This ensures that your team is able to perform their day to day duties and management is able to get the valued information they require in order to analyze company data and make informed decisions.

To ensure your staff is always full trained, BAASS Business Solutions offers regularly scheduled training classes in our training facility located at our head office. As an option, training classes may also be held at your organizations location if adequate space is available.

Assist Your Team. Our technical support plan provides technical support services by phone, internet, e-mail or fax. Our care team is made up of Sage certified, trained, helpful people who are ready with prompt, accurate and intelligent assistance. Whether you need an answer to a "How do I..?" question, if you have a critical error on your screen, or if you have a complete data disaster....we can help!

Resources. Effective management & co-ordination of a project is a critical part of ensuring success. Your project is allocated to a team, and the resources in that team will provide most of the services needed to assist you in the completion of your project. The team allocated to your project, will co-ordinate the major activities & meetings that are necessary during the project.

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