Three Surprising Types of Clouds - for Cloud Computing


Blog - 3 Surprising Types of Clouds- For Cloud Computing

Have you heard the term public cloud? Cloud computing can be described as public clouds, private clouds, or a mix of both. Here's what each means - and why you shouldn't worry if your business uses a public cloud.

Enter the Cloud: Three Types of Clouds

Cloud computing uses shared servers and systems to house programs and data.

Public Clouds

Common types of public clouds that you're probably familiar with are services like Google Docs, which saves your data along with that of thousands of other users, and social media platforms that allow you to upload video, documents, and pictures along with your posts.

Each of these services uses a password protected platform that keeps your data secure while allowing you to share information at your discretion. For example, Google Docs has a feature that lets you share a link with either specific individuals via email or with anyone who has the hyperlink.

Your business intelligence, CRM, ERP or other similar productivity software platforms are probably served on a public cloud. Public clouds save businesses money by sharing resources with many other businesses also hosted on the same server. They also provide more space than the typical small to mid-sized business can afford on their own.

Private Clouds

Private clouds are cloud systems unique to a particular company. Many large companies are setting up private clouds so that users from around their company can access cloud-based systems, but no one from the outside can. Private clouds usage grew from 22% to 31% last year.

Companies choose private clouds for a variety of reasons. Some run specific software that they wish to maintain control over. Others find that their computing needs are heavy and best served by a private cloud that can handle their workload efficiently. For many businesses, private clouds are out of reach, and public clouds can handle their workload just fine.

Hybrid Cloud System

A hybrid cloud system uses a mixture of private, on-premises cloud solutions and public clouds to create a unique computing environment for a company. Hybrid clouds are becoming more common as companies seek the best solutions for their needs.

Starting in the Cloud

Companies that want to start with cloud computing may find that consulting with a business firm like BAASS Business Services is a good idea. We can guide you through the many considerations as you choose your cloud computing solutions, and help you create a cloud that works for your business needs.

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