Business Challenges Cloud can Help Overcome


Business Challenges Cloud can help overcome

Are you looking to move to the cloud? Cloud solutions have become an increasingly popular option for organizations due to the many benefits that can be reaped. Some of the benefits of adopting the cloud include the lack of need for hardware or maintenance, easier collaboration, greater prevention of data loss, and more. Nowadays, a variety of services are offered through the cloud; these services are typically offered on a subscription basis. If you’re on the fence as to whether or not you should adopt a cloud-based solution at your organization, here are some business challenges that a cloud solution can help you overcome.

Reduced Costs 

Cloud adoption has become a more cost-effective solution for many organizations. For one, this solution reduces the need for organizations to purchase on-premise hardware to support their services. This is in turn reflected in a decrease in IT or maintenance costs for such infrastructure. Rather than having to be responsible for a capital intensive in-house solution, you can expect to be able to rely on your cloud provider for upgrades, scaling, updates, security and software maintenance. You’ll also find yourself with access to newer technology in comparison to being stuck with the on-premise hardware you would have otherwise purchased. With a cloud solution, you can take advantage of the expertise of your provider. Moreover, due to the ability to pay based on consumption, many businesses find that adopting a cloud solution is, therefore, more cost-effective. You’ll find that by adopting a cloud solution, you will see a shift in your capital expenditures towards operational expenditures. 

Higher Accessibility 

With a cloud solution, your organization can access data through the Internet. Furthermore, employees will have easier access to needed information and are not bound to the office’s local technology. This provides employees with more mobility and flexibility when it comes to where they are working. Individuals working remotely will have access to the same information they would have if they were in the office. This can increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your employees, as it would be easier to collaborate. Keep in mind that users can also control access to organizational files. This means that there is the ability to limit the number of individuals that can access certain files; having greater accessibility does not have to mean sacrificing security. 

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Scalability and Uncertainty

When purchasing an in-house solution for your organization, some organizations may find that their system either has additional capacity or does not meet their needs. Consider an organization that may suddenly need to increase its storage. With a cloud solution, their additional capacity can be granted without the need for extra installations or large fees. Furthermore, you can easily scale your services. This translates to less commitment and risk for your organization. For organizations that tend to face uncertainty or seasonality, a cloud solution offers the flexibility to cut back or increase your services depending on their needs at the time.  In addition to scaling your solution, you also have the ability to customize your services and select only the services that you require. Customization would otherwise be more costly if you were to purchase an on-premise solution as opposed to adopting a cloud solution. 

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Key Takeaways

Overall, more organizations are finding that their needs are aligning with the benefits of the cloud. Adopting a cloud solution can help your organization overcome a variety of business challenges, additional to the ones in this blog post. As you make your decision about implementing a cloud solution, it is important to analyze the challenges that your organization faces or may face in the future. For more information about the cloud, visit our page: Cloud at BAASS.

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