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It has been a while since I last updated you on my executive dashboard so I thought I would take this opportunity to let you know where we are at today. I have spent most of the time since we last spoke enhancing the Dashboard within Sage CRM. I check this dashboard almost everyday as it updates me on where BAASS Business Solutions is at from several different departmental perspectives.

1) Sales

I have several dashboard gadgets for this department. They let me know the value of sales that each salesperson has closed for the month, the value of opportunities each salesperson is currently managing, and the win-loss ratio for the month. Salesperson activities are also displayed.

2) Marketing

They let me know how many leads and opportunities have been created for the current month. I also have a gadget that indicates how many leads have been converted into an opportunity and how many have been converted to actual sales. A gadget also tells me the status of all currently open opportunities. Marketing activities are displayed as well.

3) Customer Service

These gadgets let me know how many cases are currently open and who is responsible for them. It also indicates which cases are beyond their SLA agreement response time. We also monitor our internal cases through the customer service dashboard.

4) Project Management

This dashboard lets me know what the status of all open projects is.

5) My Personal Dashboard

Lets me know my appointments and tasks for the day as well as what opportunities and leads I am currently managing.

The Sage CRM dashboard allows linking to other websites so I have linked one of my CRM dashboards to the Sage 300 ERP (Accpac) Dashboard so that all my dashboards; Accounting, Sales, Marketing and Customer Service are all in one place.

I find my ability to monitor the business has become much easier and takes far less time with the Sage CRM Dashboard functionality. If there is a dashboard gadget that does not seem to make sense or the numbers are way off normal I can drill down into the actual data or report that makes up the dashboard gadget with one click.

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