Three Tips for ERP Implementation Success


Blog - 3 Tips for ERP Implementation Success

Are you getting the most out of your ERP investment? As with any new project, there are things that you can do to make sure the project not only gets off to a great start but gains momentum and traction throughout your organization.

When new projects are rolled out, there’s often a great deal of enthusiasm and interest. But as time goes on, that enthusiasm and interest may wane. The trick is to keep both running high throughout the development, implementation and post-implementation phase so that ERP becomes part of your organization’s daily routine.

Three Tips to Help You Succeed

Choosing a great ERP partner such as BAASS Business Solutions is the first step to help your ERP implementation succeed. After that, use these three tips to keep the project on course.

  1. Choose a leader: The project leader you choose for your ERP implementation must be part cheerleader and part organization master. They’ll need to have a firm but kind management style and the ability to drive the project forward internally while communicating effectively with both internal and external stakeholders. Having a strong project leader will help your ERP initiative get off to a running start. A good project leader will keep the initiative from drifting and will provide the energy and focus you need.
  2. Make training a priority: Once your ERP project is complete, it’s not finished. You still need to train everyone on how to use the system effectively. BAASS Solutions offers full training and events tailored to your ERP solution. Training time, however, must be designated so that everyone can attend training sessions without feeling like they’re rushing through them. With the right training, your team can use the entire ERP system effectively. You’ve got to make training a priority throughout the organization so that people understand its importance.
  3. Follow up: After the system is in place, follow up with everyone who uses it within a few weeks. Make sure that there are no outstanding questions, concerns or other details left open. Make it a point to personally follow up with department leaders and staff. A personal approach makes it easier for people to ask questions or ask for help.

With these three tips, your ERP implementation has a much better chance of success. Many companies today are creating cross-department teams to spearhead ERP implementation. Instead of relying solely upon the IT department to run the ERP project, stakeholders from finance, accounting, sales and marketing, among other departments, may be part of a team leading the initiative. Such team approaches also help ERP implementation by making sure that everyone has a voice at the table when critical issues are resolved.

How Can ERP Make Your Organization More Productive?

A great ERP system can make your organization more productive. Here’s how:

  • Provides insight into Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that drive business efficiency.
  • Improves data visibility by allowing data access throughout the organization.
  • Reduces or eliminated data errors and redundancies by automating tasks and workflow.

Companies need greater access to data than ever before. With so many departments depending on quality data and freely accessible data, ERP can make this process to much easier for all.  To learn more about ERP options and solutions, contact BAASS Business Solutions today.

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