4 KPIs for a Successful ERP Implementation


4 KPIs for a Successful ERP ImplementationAre you going to be implementing  an ERP software such as Sage 300 in the near future? Wanting to make sure you get the best out of your ERP implementation? Companies seeking to earn the coveted “best in class” designation can look to other firms who have paved the way in ERP implementation. Aberdeen Research Group identified four key performance indicators (KPIs) that indicate the best chance for successful ERP implementation.

The four KPIs include:

  1. Standardized and aligned business processes: 63 percent of companies designated “best in class” had standardized and aligned business processes. While these processes might look different among the responding companies in the survey, each company took the time to create processes that aligned with business goals and objectives.
  2. Identification of gaps: No process or technology is perfect, and that goes for ERP implementation too. Successful companies were quick to identify potential gaps between ERP functionality and other internal technologies.
  3. Consistent data-tagging: Data tagging can be tedious, but it’s important. Consistent data tagging and meta data tagging leads to easier reporting later. Companies that were successful at ERP implementation ensured consistent data tags.  Forty-one percent of best in class firms, compared with 27 percent of all others, considered consistent data tags important enough to make them among their priorities.
  4. Centralized project map and timeline: The fourth KPI for successful ERP implementation just goes to show how centralizing the implementation can be helpful. When project maps and timelines were centralized, companies had better success with ERP implementation. Seventy-five percent of firms surveyed held this as vital for their project’s success.

Before starting your ERP project, it’s important to map out what you hope to achieve, who will work on the project, and the timelines for completion. With clear objectives, timelines and personnel identified, you’re well on your way to successful ERP implementation.

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