Why would you want your ERP in the cloud?


BAASS Businesse Solutions has recently become a Certified Intacct Reseller and when talking to client and prospects about this new Cloud ERP offering we often get asked the question above.

I think there are 5 principle reasons to move your ERP system to the cloud

  1. Lower initial Software Cost - with pay as you go subscription pricing, upfront costs are a fraction of on premise ERP pricing.
  2. Rapid Deployment - installation does not occur on your server or workstations so the roll out is much faster. PC's just require an internet connection and browser.
  3. Reduced IT Staffing - Cloud ERP's require little or no IT staff to manage it
  4. Low Cost and Seamless upgrades - upgrades are managed by the Publisher and are transparent to the user. In the on premise world upgrades can cause customizations, forms and reports to stop working which may require significant effort and cost to ensure compatibility with the current version.
  5. Scalability - Cloud ERP is scalable and does not involve a lot of cost. Costs increase as the users capability to pay does.

If the above resonates with you, please contact us to discuss how moving your ERP system to Intacct and the Cloud might be beneficial.

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