5 Things To Bring To BAASS Connect 2018


5 Things to Bring to BAASS Connect 2018Are you getting ready to go to BAASS Connect? If you’re starting to plan out your day at the conference, you’ll probably want to consult the agenda for your city, and outline just what you’ll need to bring for the big day.

Now, some necessary things for the event are physical items you’ll want to have handy in your bag, or on your person. Other things are more of a state of mind, mental ideas you’ll want to have at the back of your head upon heading out to the event.

These are the things you’ll want to bring with you when you head to BAASS Connect this year:


Business Cards

BAASS Connect will put you in the same room as a lot of powerful decision makers within your industry, as well as related industries. There is no better opportunity to network, and have valuable and educational conversations about ideas, concepts and services. Fellow attendees have similar goals to grow and expand their business, which is why exchanging business cards is crucial.

How can you expect someone to remember a valuable conversation you had? How can you follow up on an offer to meet up with someone you met at the event? The connections you make at BAASS Connect are incredibly valuable, and a simple handing over of your business card suggests that you’re serious, and can give people a point of reference after meeting you. An integral part of growing your business is talking about it! ask-blackboard-356079 (2)


You’re definitely going to want to bring your curiosity with you when you attend the conference. Between the speakers and industry professionals you’ll be networking with, you’re going to want to come to the event with some questions or at least key takeaways you want to get from the event. Questions make good conversation starters, and help you come into the conference with a goal of what you want to learn.

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Notebook & Pen

With all the conversation being had between networking, designated speakers and presentations, you are bound to learn a lot. Of course, it can be challenging to take in a lot of different information all at once. A notebook and pen will help you keep track of the ideas and concepts you want to remember and do further research into after the fact.  business-carnival-catering-6222


Let’s not forget, BAASS Connect provides lunch for attendees. Come with an appetite and enjoy thought provoking conversation over lunch with other interesting industry leaders attending the event.  analysis-blackboard-board-355952 (1)

Open Mind

 BAASS Connect is a conference for a variety of industry leaders. The event brings together leaders in similar industries, which provides an interesting perspective in roundtable discussions, and conversation between events. An open mind will help you engage in informative conversations with individuals with different backgrounds than you. Who knows, a different insight may help you approach aspects of your business differently and help you grow in unexpected ways.

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