How Attending Networking Events Are Beneficial For Your Business


Blog Image How Attending Networking Events Are Beneficial for your Business

While what you know is critical in creating or expanding your business, who you know is also an integral part of the process. Networking plays a key role in growing your brand, and increasing it’s visibility.

There are a variety of ways to network; meet your contacts for coffee, mingle at events like BAASS Connect, or attend seminars and conferences where like minded individuals will be. The opportunity to network is endless, and you should take advantage of each and every chance presented to you.

These are the reasons why networking plays such a major role in business and growth:

Connections & Meeting Key People In Your Industry

It is important to network to meet other influencers in your industry. Additionally, these people in similar positions as you -- or a position you’re striving to attain -- have valuable insight on your industry. They can help inspire and motivate you, and can help put you in contact with other valuable people who may be able to share their knowledge or provide you with unique opportunities.

Connect With People You Otherwise Wouldn’t

Sometimes when you attend events like BAASS Connect that attract a variety of individuals with different backgrounds in various fields, you find yourself talking to people you otherwise wouldn’t. Conversing with people of different industry backgrounds can provide a refreshingly different insight and help educate you on fields outside of yours that may still be relevant to you.

Stay Updated On Trends

Networking events usually have time allotted to discussion and mingling, as well as informative presentations. These presentations tend to outline new tools, resources and trends in your industry. This allows you to not only stay on top of trends, but gives you the opportunity to discuss them and what they mean for your business with others in similar situations. 

Bring Awareness To Your Business

The people you are networking with are ideally individuals who should know your business and brand, so they can spread the word to others. The idea is to let them know about your organization: who you are, what you do, how you work, and where you are going. Through networking you want to educate other professionals on your business and your interests, because you never know who may be interested. 

Word of mouth is a great way to grow and expand, which is why you want to be talking about what you are doing. Oftentimes, like minded industry experts also want to educate you on what they are doing — you never know how you can collaborate.

Build Strong Working Relationships

You will always be surprised by how you can help someone or how someone can help you. This goes beyond the internal team building opportunities available. When you interact with similar people at event after event, you form a relationship. Sometimes this can lead to being invited to other prominent industry events, or can result in you being introduced to another person who has the potential to be a valuable contact.


Get Inspired

Talking to people in situations similar to yours and talking about topics that can help you to grow and expand your business tends to be incredibly motivating. Plus, this kind of conversation oftentimes results in making goals that others will hold you accountable to. When you are interacting with people with goals that are like yours, you tend to encourage and motivate one another — and help one another access the tools needed to strive.

Events like BAASS Connect are perfect for mingling with other industry decision makers. Register for BAASS Connect now to network, get educated, and talk shop with other industry superiors. Take advantage of all the networking opportunities that come your way!

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