The Kidney Foundation of Canada

Company  Facts

  • Not-for-Profit Industry
  • 10 Branches
  • HQ: Mississauga, Ontario

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The Kidney Foundation of Canada is a nationwide organization dedicated to funding research, providing education and support, and increasing public awareness to promote kidney health and organ donation. With one national office, 10 branches across Canada, and complex financial reporting requirements, The Kidney Foundation turns to Sage 300 ERP and BAASS to keep the organization's accounting operation strong. 

Key Outcomes

  • Installation of Sage 300 ERP 
  • Implemented modules to streamline business processes 
  • Leveraging intracompany transaction capabilities of Sage 300
  • Access to current, relevant, accurate and complete data for the entire organization 
  • Able to eliminate much of the IT burden from various branches 


When the Foundation began using Sage 300 ERP, each branch had its own server and ran a stand-alone version of the software. While Sage 300 proved to be an ideal financial solution for the organization, the distributed processing made consolidated financial reporting difficult. Kathy Mavrakis made it her mission to bring the branches together, operating under a single installation of the software, simplifying and streamlining the entire operation. For assistance, she turned to BAASS: "The consulting team is simply excellent. In addition to a complete knowledge of the software, our BAASS consultants understand accounting - this proved to be invaluable to us". 

"We wanted one solution nationwide, but with each branch operating independently, we had differing charts of accounts, and varying methods for setting up vendors, funds, and reports." - Kathy Mavrakis, National Director of Finance and Administration 


BAASS first installed Sage 300 ERP on a single, powerful server, accessible over a secure wide-area network by each of the branches. Next, BAASS implemented additional Sage 300 ERP modules to simplify intracompany transactions, speed financial reporting, and help track the Foundation's inventory of publications. 


Previously, Mavrakis had to manually consolidate several reports into a single statement to present to the Foundation's auditors: "We didn't have the capability to produce the reports easily. As a result, we spent a tremendous of time on the procedure". Now, the Foundation is producing combined financial statements on a monthly basis with very little effort.

"BAASS helped design precisely the reports we need, and we produce them right from Sage 300 ERP. Now we have the time for value-added analysis and can offer management meaning and insight behind the numbers that we simply didn't have before." - Kathy Mavrakis, National Director of Finance and Administration 

Armed with current, relevant, accurate, and complete data concerning its entire organization, The Kidney Foundation of Canada is able to make informed, strategic decisions about its operations and direction. "Financial information even a day later is a day too late, as it focuses on the history and we are already in the present making decisions about the future. With the timely numbers we're getting now we are able to review, and focus our efforts to meet targets," Mavrakis adds. 

The efficiency gains are saving the Foundation money. By deploying a centralized server, the Kidney Foundation has eliminated much of the IT burden from its branches and is realizing significant savings: "We don't have to purchase software for each branch, and maintain, upgrade, and backup the separate servers. It is a much more efficient way of operating. We've also created a centre of excellence with cross-training and eliminated the need for the finance team across the country to set up, close and prepare for month ends, budget, and forecasts. In addition, we have complete control over the structure and can ensure that consistency is continuing as we expand and grow". 

"With the help of BAASS, we are more proactive. We are able to build benchmarks, set standards, perform comparisons, and streamline our operations. This is essential for us as it enables us to focus our efforts and resources on our mission of helping to reduce the burden of kidney disease." - Paul Shay, National Executive Director

The intracompany transaction capabilities of Sage 300 ERP vastly simplify the processing of transactions between The Kidney Foundation's various branches. Intracompany journal entries and payable invoices, debit notes, and credit notes are easily entered and the clear audit trail and informative reports make reconciliation effortless. 

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