Why You Should Network at Events


Why you should network at events

A prominent aspect of business involves networking events. You likely spent some time trying to perfect your handshake for your first networking event. You had to be mindful of having not too tight of a grip, but not too light of one either, all while maintaining eye contact. On top of all this, you spent hours trying to come up with the perfect conversation starter.

Yet, time and time again, you’ve heard it: networking is important at any professional event you attend. Even if networking pushes you far out of your comfort zone, it is an excellent way to further your career and knowledge. If you need to be further convinced, look at our list of the 5 reasons why you should network at events.

  • Building Connections
    One of the most beneficial aspects of networking is its ability to connect you to individuals who you would otherwise not meet. At events, like our annual BAASS Connect, you will find a variety of professionals with different backgrounds in many industries.

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    While you may not actively be on a job search, meeting new people and forming real connections is highly beneficial in the long-run. Speaking with others, especially of different industries, can provide you with new insights and knowledge that may be transferable to your own organization. Use networking as a way to branch out and reach other individuals too, through potential referrals.  Always remember to pass along and collect business cards, exchange Linkedin profiles, and connect with people.  
  • Mentorship Relationship
    Meeting people in your industry, whether they are in a similar position as you or not, opens the door for you to gain valuable insight. Think of it as a brief mentorship opportunity where you can learn something and teach something. The various environments in which all organizations function, create different teachable opportunities.

    It’s important to build rapport with the individuals you meet at networking events. Hearing advice from people across different positions is an excellent way to give perspective and context into the tiers of an organization. You may even have specific questions that Google simply doesn’t have the answer to. Reaching out and connecting to industry professionals may be the key to getting the answer that you need, based on their experiences

  • Brand Awareness
    A great way for your brand to gain exposure is through networking. Speaking with other professionals, especially those in the same industry, will spark more interest in your organization.

    If you’re an entrepreneur, networking would also be a useful method in getting advice from industry leaders or other experienced entrepreneurs. Networking gives you the opportunity to communicate your organization or brand to others, which may generate more conversation about it. Be sure to prepare an elevator pitch and build relationships with those you network with.

  • Idea Exchange
    Networking allows you to interact with like-minded individuals that are in your field. Take it as an opportunity to exchange or bounce ideas off of one another.

    This is especially useful if the individual in which you are networking has experience in your industry or role. This allows them to form a relevant opinion about your thoughts and ideas. This may also help you learn or stay up-to-date about new, relevant trends.
  • New Opportunities
    Being able to meet new professionals will allow you to extend your reach and branch out through their professional network. Of course, this is provided that you made a positive, lasting impression.

    Essentially, connecting with others may lead them to connect you with other figures in the industry that they are connected to. Keep in mind that you may also do the same for other individuals who you are speaking with.


    Now that you know about the benefits of networking, we hope to see you at BAASS Connect engaging with other industry professionals. Don’t fear the idea of networking, but rather embrace it for all that it can do for you and your organization. 

    Be sure to take advantage of networking opportunities and work the room! Networking is a powerful skill to learn that can help open many opportunities. Check out this article: Why Attending Networking Events is Beneficial for your Business

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